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Don't Rhyme For The Sake Of Riddlin

Chuck D

Album Reviews

  • 5

    This album is just wicked through and through. What else would one expect from the man who knows. Seriously tough stuff.

    - Leslie

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  • 1 Play Tear Down That Wall
  • 2 Play I Hate Hate
  • 3 Play Rap Vs Hip Hop
  • 4 Play This Bit Of Earth
  • 5 Play Run From The Trouble (MistaChuck Mixx)
  • 6 Play Johnny Juice, He Takes Wack Records To The Range And Blows Them Away With His Rifles
  • 7 Play Super Ego Man
  • 8 Play I Rap Black
  • 9 Play Whats My Name (Ali Rap Theme)
  • 10 Play Make It Funky
  • 11 Play Tear Down That Wall (Johnny Juice Aztlan Border Patrol Mix)
  • 12 Play The Spook Who Sat By Arizona (DJ Spooky Hip Hop Mix)