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Eat The Rat

DJLord 2MP

Album Reviews

  • 5

    This album is a MUST have! DJ Lord brings it with his EPIC turntable manipulation skills. Every track on this album is so doPE. Public Enemy’s Chuck D joins Lord with his incredible rap on the album and Obeah appears bringing his distinctive voice on it. Lord brings his turntable MAGIC, to this MUST HAVE ALBUM!!! Lord, keep the music coming!

    - Kate

  • 5

    DJ Lord is a beast! This album is a diverse collection Boom Bap Beats, fierce cuts, and scratches, combined with eye opening lyrics. I also heard some hard rock on the song Shrapnel, and some EDM on the song, Eat The Rat AM 45-7. Well rounded, and very impressive!

    - Charlie

  • 5

    The album is great but this website sucks motherfucking cock because I payed online and now I can't fucking download what I paid for. Fuck these assholes.

    - j

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