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Memphis Jelks

Memphis Jelks

Album Reviews

  • 5

    Memphis bring it with his voice and lyrics. Beautiful album! You will be glad you picked it up! A MUST have!

    - Kate

  • 5

    ... Love is the reason that God put on this planet ... : Happiness is Love is my fav song right now. I wish I had a Bose music system to blast it on because the bass line is so good.

    - Dale

  • 5

    What a great album! Such variety of sound. This guy definitely has serious talent! People should hear this.

    - Leslie

  • 5

    I really like this album because if you listen to lyrics of the song make you feel good my favorite song is Memphis Jelks and heavenOcopter ,and swap ball and red rum

    - Makein

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  • 1 Play Memphis Jelks
  • 2 Play Happiness Is Love
  • 3 Play HeavenOcopter
  • 4 Play Swamp Ball Ft. Chuck D
  • 5 Play Son.Stacks.High(Right In The Land Of Sun.Stax.Hi)
  • 6 Play Red.Rum.Mud.Eye
  • 7 Play Booty & Hair Ft. Lil Chris
  • 8 Play Wake Up Ft Jasmine Clark